052: A Rewards Show…? – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

They made it to 52 episodes! That means the Runaway Boyz have been suffering through movie franchises for a full year! They review the highs and lows in what Tom dubs the Bozcars (based on one of Ed’s nicknames). Dom gives the categories and it starts off hot as Ed reveals a hurtful revelation of what he thinks is the Worst Franchise is.

In the Lobby:

The Runaway Boyz talk about their favorite moments recording the podcast. Another email is read from a familiar sender. And Tom reveals the Leagues to Deep Blue Sea from Runaway Franchise Podcast!


Runaway Franchise at 1/2x speed.

Dom’s animated 1/2x speed video.

The music video that links Runaway Franchise to Deep Blue Sea.

The Runaway Franchisees are:

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020: Franchise Recap! – Runaway Franchise Podcast

This week, we took a different approach. Instead of talking about one movie in particular, we talked about all of them! We go over the best and worst standalone movies (out of Resident Evil, Fast and Furious, and Alien) and crown a franchise king. Dom and Tom are surprisingly okay with stating their feelings, while Ed nearly has an existential crisis. A winner of the Juba shirt is announced, and more.

Make sure you check out our back episodes to catch up!

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